Thyroid Solutions

Posted by on Jan 8, 2012

I’ve been getting some queries about how I sorted my under-active thyroid issues after mentioning I was once stuck at 30 pounds heavier with them for years on MSNBC last week. I am now off all medication and the below is how I did it and how I maintain it. Please note you MUST get your bloods checked regularly, especially if you go the Superfood route.

– Dr Schulze’s Superfood Plus powder. Great big green tubs of unprocessed herbs (unlike the pills you get from Boots). This has lots of iodine in it, essential for thyroid function. Start with a teaspoon and increase with time.
– Biocare’s TH207 supplement (available in UK only)
– 3 pounds of fresh raw vegetables a day (which I rapidly changed to a double shot of wheatgrass – same effect, less hassle)
– Exercise. My favourite is properly executed power plating which has completely changed my body. DON’T TRY UNSUPERVISED IN THE GYM. Lists of places with powerplates at:
– Note that in California the first thing they test with a thyroid problem is food intolerances – have yours checked. Turns out I had a load I didn’t know about that contributed to my issues.