Obama Loses A Battle… And Is On His Way To Winning The War

Posted by on Dec 8, 2010

It looks like Obama has lost the great Tax Cut Battle.

And with it, he might just win the War – Re-election in 2012.

Right before the mid-terms, the poll that struck me as most interesting was one where 80% of Americans said they wanted compromise. The winner in 2012 will be the politician who claims the middle ground.

And there Obama stood yesterday talking compromise and how the USA was founded on it.

Obama is polling ahead of every major possible GOP opponent for 2012, including the front-runner Palin, who he beats by a huge 12%. And that’s at the moment, with a low approval rating. Fast forward to the election debates. The politician who can claim the other side is belligerent – and who knows the difference between North and South Korea – will be the one who wins office in 2012.

Obama stays on this path, the GOP stays on theirs – and no third party candidate runs and throws a spanner in the works, Obama has his second term.