Stunning American Financial Statistics (just don’t mention O’Donnell).

Posted by on Sep 15, 2010

O’Donnell has won the primary in Delaware. It is perhaps for the best that I do not dwell on this woman. She’s so socially conservative she has criticised MTV for allegedly promoting masturbation as an alternative to sex.

Anyway. I read two more statistics yesterday which shocked me to the core, although perhaps on balance, I’m not altogether surprised.

The USA’s poverty rate is expected to have been 15% in 2009, up from 13.2% – the largest one year increase since the government began keeping records. However, things are improving for the wealthiest Americans – the millionaire class held a larger percentage of the country’s wealth than in 2007.

I am lucky to be in America and I do love it here. But some Americans really do confuse me sometimes.