Coming To America

Posted by on Aug 15, 2010

It is almost a year since I realised that it was now or never – if I was going to move to America, this was my moment. Six months, 150 pages in my application dossier, three interviews at the US embassy and a lot of legal fees later, I had my work visa and I was sitting on a plane enroute to the USA.

It’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. That doesn’t mean that I’m not incredibly homesick – I miss my family and friends in the UK so very much. But I don’t miss my life in London. Yesterday I counted that I’m involved with seven writing projects and that I currently regularly feature on eight TV shows. I’m getting to write and talk about everything from Afghanistan to Wall Street to Entertainment. And I need to produce theatre again…

It’s odd. My world is running at a crazy speed, but I feel at peace in a way I never have done before. I have absolutely no idea where life will take me, or where I’ll end up. But I will know I’ve tried, and I’ve learnt that is all I can ever ask of myself.